More comfortable driving

~What is AdPower?~

Small sticker type product.
Patented electrostatic suppression technology in Japan for improving engine performance of your vehicles.

Increase in both torque and horsepower. We have received many comments from customers reporting immediate improvement in response, better acceleration and less engine noise.


AdPower is certified the efficiency.

2017: Patent (No. 6176759)
2020: Good Design Award
2022: Patent (No. 7142372)


We conducted the collaborative researches with several laboratories such as Tokai University’s Faculty of Engineering and Chiba Institute of technology.

The electrostatic charge under various conditions on vehicles generated approximately 2000 V or more, and a 50-89% reduction in electrostatic charge was confirmed in comparison with the case with and without AdPower.

  • Easy to install

    1. Find the air cleaner. The air cleaner is located near the engine body and is a box with a hose-like air duct.

    2. Remove the double-sided tape on the back of AdPower and attach it over the air cleaner box on the side of the air duct connected to the engine. Wipe the installation area clean with a dry cloth before application for better adhesion. 

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  • Install for Motorbikes

    The air cleaner is located near the engine body.

    1. Use a screwdriver or similar tool to remove the clasp that holds the lid in place and open the lid.

    2.Attach the AdPower in the air cleaner with double sided tapes on the back of the Adpower unit.

    *We recommend the space on the upper side, where there is less risk of dirt from blow-by gas, etc.

Manufacturing Story

We established the"Tomizawa Fund" in 2007 and started a business.
However,the year after the establishment, the financial crisis provided an opportunityto transform the business, and I was thinking about how to restart it. At thattime, I visited Asian countries for the first time in a long time …


User in Malaysia

Mars 2023

Item received in good condition.

My car is 15 years old. When I step on the accelerator,
I can feel the surge in power like never before.
Highly recommended. Use it to believe it.

User in Malaysia

Oct 2021

Fast and very well updates on delivery status.
Tested on my Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost. Can feel the difference. Car feels lighter and acceleration is good.
Engine noise reduced. Very recommended!

User in Japan

Dec 2023

I installed it on my Toyota Noah 90 series!
Although it is a gasoline-only car,
the accelerator has become lighter and driving has become smoother.

Personally, I am satisfied.
I'm thinking of buying it again for work

2020/12/10 First report

The car is a Mazda Flair Wagon (OEM car of Suzuki Spacia) registered in March 2018, and is a light car with a current running speed of 50,000 km.I feel that the torque has increased in the experience part. Is it a feeling that the car goes out in front with less stepping than before? I felt it when I was riding in the city before a business trip, but I felt it stronger when driving at high speed. The fuel consumption on the outbound route was almost the same as 22km / l, but in fact, the travel time to Osaka has been shortened by more than 30 minutes. In other words, I was driving at an average speed of about 10km / h higher than before. Since it is a box-shaped car, the fuel efficiency was extremely poor when driving at about 100 m / h or higher, so I think that the fuel efficiency part was also effective.

User in Singapore

Mar 2023

Fast delivery. Really made in Japan.

A 13 year old car feels smoother.

No need to press accelerator so hard to move the car.

Amazing. Don't know what's the science behind it.

User in Taiwan
Sep 2023

I followed the seller's suggestion and installed it in the right place, and found that the accelerator became more sensitive, and I could feel the revolutions from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm.
Fuel consumption because the vehicle is already very fuel efficient, so I did not pay special attention.
This product is worth the price, and I will definitely buy it again after it reaches the end of its usage life.


Super Taikyu is an automobile race held in Japan. A machine that has been modified from a commercially available four-wheeled vehicle will participate. AdPower is also used in Super Taikyu.