AdPower Efficiency

AdPower generates the original air ionization (Ad Ion) due to the attaching on the engine, the necessary clean oxygen is sent to the engine for combustion, hence it can improve the fuel efficiency and the environment.


The principle of supplying the better oxygen.

Adpower's Ion discharge cleans intake air and improve combustion efficiency of all engines.

Efficiency source from the trilaminar Laminate

First layer using special pigment, Second layer made of special alloy, Third tlayer made of thin and high performance glassfirber constitute laminate. Stable supply of the original air ionization (Ad Ion) to the air intake the better oxygen, improving combustion in the engine.

  • Just stick in air cleaner

    Anyone can install it in 5 minutes.

  • Same for motorcycles

    Check the owner's manual and locate the air cleaner.

The effects just by sticking

Engine performance goes up

The moment when you put the AdPower on ,your engine performancer  goes up.

Fuel economy

To improve combustion efficiency and fuel economy.

Reduce Exhaust gas

To reduce the quantity on NOx and CO includeo in an exhaust gas.

Air flow image in the air cleaner cavity



We have sticked 2 pieces of these on a 2500cc V6 car.

There is an improvement in torque and smooth acceleration from low to medium speed.
The cost effectiveness is good for this kind of change at this price.

We added two more for the car and two for the motorcycle to surround the tunnel in front of the airbox. This is to let the intake air come in contact with adpower as much as possible.
By this construction, the torque from low speed range was improved considerably.


I bought 3 of these for my 4400cc engine.
I put them on the outside of the filter for fear that they would come off. I felt the smoothness and the lightness of the air.
However, in the second picture, the part I put on top was hidden when I put the filter back.
I got the confirmation that there was no problem, but it looks good so I bought another one to install. 
I feel like it blows up lighter and goes on smoothly and quietly.
My previous car was a 4400cc car with the Ram Air system and it feels as good as it does.
For the price of this car, it feels great.
I think there is a synergistic effect of the sports filter and 4 protruding muffler.
The manufacturer's response and explanation of the product was very good and satisfactory.


This car is a BMW 320i.
I put two of them in the box.
My impression of driving in ECO mode is that when I stepped on the accelerator at a traffic light, I felt like I was in the wrong place.
When I step on the gas pedal as much as before, it moves forward with more force than before I put it up!
Now we just have to hope for better gas mileage!


As soon as it was put, the engine sound changed.
It feels lighter and mid-range acceleration feels good.
I'm looking forward to the fuel efficiency in the future!


This kind of product has existed for decades, but I hadn't seen it featured in a magazine in a long time, so I bought it. It is a simple product to put in the air cleaner box, but the result came out from the first 60km after the installation. The fuel consumption which was 11km/liter at best until now has increased to 13.1km/l. 

The sound changes immediately after installation, and the change is felt, so it is the best product for the price. There is no need to buy expensive goods.