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Adpower / Overseas activities 5 (Nigeria edition)

Adpower / Overseas activities 5  (Nigeria edition)

It's a time when the rows of ginkgo trees are beautiful. I'm careful about corona measures as winter approaches, but how are you doing?

In November 2018, we were selected as an exhibitor at the Japan Pavilion sponsored by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) at the Lagos International Trade Fair in Nigeria. The photo above is the tent of the exhibition hall.

There are no direct flights to Lagos, and transfers in the Middle East (Dubai and Qatar) are common, taking about 20 hours. In addition, since yellow fever vaccination is essential for entry, I vaccinated at the Tokyo Quarantine Station about two weeks before departure. It was the most painful experience of injections such as vaccination against influenza.

The booth with the TV is our AdPower booth.
By the way, the right side was Toyota's local subsidiary and the other side was Honda. It was a very fun exhibition where I could interact with the local people.

With this exhibition as a trigger, we signed a distributor agreement for Adpower, and AdPower began to play an active role in Nigeria.

AdPower is also available for sale in this garage.

Even in Nigeria, there are overwhelmingly many Toyota cars. In emerging countries such as Nigeria, the ratio of aged cars that have passed more than 5 years and 10 years is high, maintenance with genuine parts is not done much, and the fuel quality seems to be inferior to Japan and other developed countries.

Therefore, the combustion efficiency of the engine is not perfect, and problems such as an increase in exhaust gas will occur.

Due to the recent corona vortex, Nigeria's trading volume is not large this year, but it is expected to grow in the young country with a population of about 200 million and a population of 15 years or younger of 40% or more.

If the COVID-19 converges,  I would like to visit again there.




Adpower / Overseas Activities 3 (Mongolia)

black smoke test

How are you all doing? This time is Mongolia, the third introduction of Adpower's contribution overseas.

Speaking of Mongolia, it is an image of a very brave people, such as the conquest of the Eurasian continent of Genghis Khan and the Mongol invasion.

However, I think there are surprisingly few people who have actually been to Mongolia. I also visited for the first time last year.

A direct flight from Mongolia departs from Narita and arrives at Chinggis Khaan International Airport in the capital Ulaanbaatar in just over five hours. Recently, Japanese companies have also entered the market, and the hotel stayed at the familiar Toyoko Inn Ulaanbaatar.

Mr. Bat, the representative of the Adpower distributor company, and Mr. Pagmaa, the wife and deputy representative, arranged this visit for the purpose of reducing the exhaust gas (PM2.5) of the Ulaanbaatar municipal bus company.

The top photo shows the actual measurement of black smoke concentration on a bus.




AdPower suppresses static electricity in the engine air cleaner (intake), increases the air flow rate to the engine combustion chamber by about 5 to 10%, and improves combustion efficiency. Since the combustion is improved, not only the PM2.5 in question can be reduced, but also the output (horsepower / torque) and fuel efficiency can be expected to be improved. In fact, the local bus drivers said, "The start is better" and "The engine noise is quieter."

In the black smoke measurement test in the field, PM2.5 was reduced by 40% or more, depending on the condition of each measurement vehicle.

Image source:


Until now, it was common sense to collect exhaust gas after combustion with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) as shown in the above figure.

Of course, it is an indispensable part because it can collect nearly 100% of PM2.5 etc.

However, in emerging countries such as Mongolia, unfortunately, the quality of fuel such as diesel is inferior to that of developed countries, and the vehicles used are aged vehicles of 10 years or more, some of which are 30 to 30 to Vehicles that are 40 years old are still running.

Therefore, even if the DPF is installed, it uses diesel with a high sulfur content, which causes clogging of the DPF, and even if daily cleaning is performed, the clogging cannot be completely removed, resulting in a power down of the vehicle.

For example, in Mongolia, it seems that there are problems with the operation of buses.

And AdPower was adopted at the Ulaanbaatar Municipal Bus Company to reduce emissions (PM2.5).

Lunch on Mongolia

And I will introduce the local meals. Exactly "meat! "was. It's a popular restaurant with locals, probably with few foreigners and crowded with locals. (November 2019 at that time) Volume of lamb and beef! The white one is like a seasoned dumpling skin, and there is a coleslaw in the middle, but it was delicious, but the amount was too large to finish, so I took it back to the hotel. Is it because of the history of the horse race and its eating habits that the people of Mongolia are powerful?


 Mongolian department store

It is a long-established department store. It says 1924 in the upper left, so it was probably founded in 1924. I also bought souvenirs here.

Now, with covid-19, online meetings have become mainstream in an environment where it is difficult to travel abroad. However, it is also important to directly touch the local situation and meet in person to feel the atmosphere of the other party. The good thing about business trips is that you can enjoy delicious local meals after work, but for the time being, business trips are still difficult. I want to end it soon.

Overseas activities 1 Ethiopia

Overseas activities 1 Ethiopia

The Adpower blog mainly provides useful information about various cars and motorcycles, but we will report on the status of overseas activities at a pace of about once every one to two months. I will do it. This is the first edition, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is located in East Africa, the oldest independent country in Africa with a population of over 100 million, and the first thing you can imagine is a country with a  marathon and coffee.



We visited Ethiopia with an invitation from a local automobile maintenance company (pictured in the headline).

As you can see in this photo, there are many old cars that are more than 30 to 40 years old, and many Japanese cars. As expected, long-lasting Japanese cars are contributing.

Surprisingly, there are many Russian cars that are 30 to 40 years old. The local people said that it wouldn't break easily.


AdPower is exported through Ethiopian distributors, albeit little by little.

I am glad to hear that the engine performance has been restored by the AdPower effect and that you are pleased with the power-up.

We would like to continue to cooperate with local companies to raise awareness of ad power.

During my stay, I visited a government agency, which is the Ministry of the Environment, to make proposals for reducing exhaust gas, and also gave presentations to the media.

We are working hard on research and development so that AdPower will reduce Ethiopian exhaust gas, contribute to the prevention of air pollution, and restore engine performance to please drivers! We look forward to your continued support of AdPower!



After the meeting with the business partner, we will have a break with Ethiopian coffee. I had you make coffee in a pot of this shape. The scent was very good.


 The design of the coffee cup is also simple and cute :D


It was also introduced in the local newspaper.