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Products for audio, AdPower Sonic, now available.

Products for audio, AdPower Sonic, now available.

AdPower Sonic Series, products for audio and musical instruments, are now available.

Sonic Series is an audio-specific sound quality improvement sheet developed under the supervision of avex chief record engineer Mr Morimoto, based on the patented Electrostatic Suppression Technology of AdPower for Vehicles.

By attaching it to speakers, audio devices and musical instruments, sound localisation is enhanced and the sound reaching our ears is perceived clearly.

Available now at the official AdPower store in Shopee Singapore, Lazada Singapore and also at the official AdPower online store.
For more information, please visit here.

Performance research with Chiba Institute of Technology has started

Performance research with Chiba Institute of Technology has started

AdPower launched research at the Wakimoto Laboratory, Department of Electronic Engineering, Chiba Institute of Technology in October 2022 and it is now in second term.

The laboratory conducts researches to measure high voltages, such as lightning, with high accuracy.
It is currently conducting a wide-ranging verification of the effectiveness of AdPower products in improving the driving experience and sound quality in cars.


The information on research activities will be updated on our homepage.

"Adpower" has acquired "2020 Good Design Award"

"Adpower" has acquired "2020 Good Design Award"

"AdPower", an automobile engine performance improvement device developed and manufactured by Tomizawa Bussan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Toru Tomizawa, hereinafter referred to as Tomizawa Bussan), is now receiving the "2020 Good Design Award" (sponsored by Japan Design Award). Awarded the Promotion Association).

■Comments from the judges following the Good Design Award

It is a new idea to reduce harmful substances in the exhaust by improving combustion by suppressing static electricity at the time of intake instead of purifying the exhaust of the engine. Moreover, this product has the potential to become widespread in emerging countries in the future due to its low cost, ease of installation by simply sticking it on an air cleaner, and maintenance-free for two years, and air pollution improvement in such countries. I want to expect from you.

■What is the Good Design Award?

The Good Design Award is Japan's only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation campaign that started with the Good Design Product Enactment System established in 1957. Today, the "G mark", which is a symbol of the Good Design Award, is widely known as a symbol of excellent design at the global design award in which many companies and organizations from Japan and overseas participate.


■About Adpower

Simply sticking a three-layer sticker on the engine air cleaner suppresses static electricity in the air supplied to the engine (hereinafter referred to as intake air), increases the air flow rate by 5 to 10%, and improves combustion efficiency.

Contract research: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University.


The following effects can be obtained by simply attaching Adpower to automobiles (four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles).


  •  Power Response UP
  •  Preventing dirt inside the engine
  •  Positive impact on fuel efficiency
  •  Reduction of exhaust gas

    It is low-priced, has a service life of 2 years, and is maintenance-free.

    There are few anti-static products for intake, and it is more effective, especially for aged cars, due to the reduced engine performance.

    Many domestic and overseas users are satisfied with the improved driving.