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Q:  Why does the engine performance recover just by sticking in on the air cleaner?

A AdPower suppresses static electricity in the air cleaner, and increases the air flow rate to the engine, then improver combustion.

Q:  Would it be more effective to install two or more units for one vehicle?

A:  The accelerator response feels better. Depending on the condition of the engine, further improvement in engine recovery may be expected.

Q:  The accelerator response feels lighter after installation. Why?

A:  Because the engine’s combustion is improved. This reduces the amount of pressure on the accelerator, a factor that positively effects fuel efficiency.

Q:  Why does my engine seem to be quieter?

A:  Because the combustion of the engine is improved, the engine noise and the vibration may be reduced.

Q:  Does it affect the effects when used with other maintenance products such as gasoline or engine oil additives?

A:  No, it does not. AdPower improves engine performance by reducing static electricity in the air intake to the engine, so there is no problem even if it is used in combination with various products.

Q:  Is it possible for the product to peel off and be sucked in?

A:  No, the thickness of the tape is about 0.5mm, however, due to the highly adhesive double-sided tape adhered to the entire surface of the product, the possibility is extremely low and there are no such cases so far.

Q:  Does the performance change even if I buy it and keep it stored?

A:  If it is not opened and the temperature and humidity are not high, the performance will not deteriorate significantly for about a year, but basically it is recommended to install it early after purchase.