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Warming up to drive your car for a long time 1 〜Driving break-in new car〜

Warming up to drive your car for a long time 1 〜Driving break-in new car〜


How is everyone? How are your cars?

I would like to write about "Engine break-in new car edition"


1. What is "break-in"?

"What is break-in?" "Why is break-in necessary?"

At first, I had such a question, but I did maintenance as told by my seniors and dealers. However, after I started to use the engine myself, I started to run in my own way.


Break-in is "one of the warm-ups for a long life". You can't do your best without preparatory exercise, so you need to do preparatory exercise for your car so that you can drive it for a long time.

I think there are various ways of thinking, but I would like to introduce my method. Please refer to it.


2. Break-in driving method course [automatic engine]

I often drive on normal roads rather than on highways, and in the case of me, who uses an automatic engine as my car, I do not start or accelerate suddenly. So, since we do not drive with the engine speed in mind, we do not run in.

Today's automobiles are different from 30-40 years’ ago in terms of engine material and manufacturing accuracy.

In the old days, the manufacturing accuracy was low and there were variations depending on the engine, so it was called "lucky engine" or "unlucky engine".

Therefore, by running in, the engine was in good condition and could be used for a long time.

The running-in operation was to pick up the sliding parts inside the engine at a speed that does not put a burden on the engine, that is, to rub the rough surfaces against each other and polish the surface.

So, if you just drive on a normal road with an automatic engine, you don't need to run in. Instead, do a second oil change early. As a guide, we recommend the timing when you have runabout 500km.

Check this  for oil change


3. Break-in method course [manual engine / motorcycle]

Even with a manual engine or motorcycle, if you never drive sports driving, you don't need to break-in.

However, when using it like sports driving, there are times when you drive by turning the engine speed to the rev limit (upper limit), so you need to break-in until the second oil change. In terms of distance, it is "about 300-500km". (By the way, if you want to drive sports driving with an automatic engine, you need to run in for "about 800 to 1,000km".)

Break-in is limited to 1/3 of the engine rev limit.

After the second oil change, the rotation will be increased to near the rev limit, but it will not be fully accelerated. Full acceleration will be after the third oil change.

When changing the oil of a manual car, the oil "diff oil" for the differential gear required when the car turns a curve and the "mission oil" that plays a role in preventing the wear of the jagged edges and lowering the temperature are also changed at the same time.


4. Summary

In order to take good care of your car for a long time, please run in even a new car as needed.

I don't know if my method is good or I'm lucky, but fortunately I haven't hit the engine, so please refer to it!

Next time is "Engine break-in used car edition".


~ADPOWER Engineer Staff~

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