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Adpower / Overseas activities 5  (Nigeria edition)

Adpower / Overseas activities 5 (Nigeria edition)

It's a time when the rows of ginkgo trees are beautiful. I'm careful about corona measures as winter approaches, but how are you doing?

In November 2018, we were selected as an exhibitor at the Japan Pavilion sponsored by JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) at the Lagos International Trade Fair in Nigeria. The photo above is the tent of the exhibition hall.

There are no direct flights to Lagos, and transfers in the Middle East (Dubai and Qatar) are common, taking about 20 hours. In addition, since yellow fever vaccination is essential for entry, I vaccinated at the Tokyo Quarantine Station about two weeks before departure. It was the most painful experience of injections such as vaccination against influenza.

The booth with the TV is our AdPower booth.
By the way, the right side was Toyota's local subsidiary and the other side was Honda. It was a very fun exhibition where I could interact with the local people.

With this exhibition as a trigger, we signed a distributor agreement for Adpower, and AdPower began to play an active role in Nigeria.

AdPower is also available for sale in this garage.

Even in Nigeria, there are overwhelmingly many Toyota cars. In emerging countries such as Nigeria, the ratio of aged cars that have passed more than 5 years and 10 years is high, maintenance with genuine parts is not done much, and the fuel quality seems to be inferior to Japan and other developed countries.

Therefore, the combustion efficiency of the engine is not perfect, and problems such as an increase in exhaust gas will occur.

Due to the recent corona vortex, Nigeria's trading volume is not large this year, but it is expected to grow in the young country with a population of about 200 million and a population of 15 years or younger of 40% or more.

If the COVID-19 converges,  I would like to visit again there.