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Load transfer! 2)

Load transfer! 2)


Did you manage to smooth out the load transfer from front to back?
Are you holding the handlebar too tight?

handle grip

First of all, I would like to talk about moving the load to the left and right, and turning right or left by operating the steering wheel.

The load moves from side to side by operating the steering wheel, but the timing of this movement is important.
When the brakes are applied, the load is moving forward, but the load that is leaning forward in this way must not be moved backward.

When I release the brake (release the brake that I stepped on), I start turning the steering wheel, and it is very important to do this smoothly.

The center of gravity when the car is stopped is the center of the circle, and when the brakes are applied, the load (center of gravity) that has moved forward is the radius, and the load is moved to the "right" or "left" in a circular motion. Achieves smooth running.

When releasing (relaxing) the brakes, the center of gravity should not be as close to the center of gravity when the car is stopped.

If you can summarize this point well, you will get closer to comfortable driving.
This "front to right" and "front to left" load transfer is the story of the front half of the circle.

Next I will talk about the load transfer is "from right to back" and "from left to
In the previous part, "front to right" and "front to left" in a circular motion I
explained, but this is basically the same for curves, right and left turns.
I was talking about the harmony between"when to start turning the wheel and when to release the brake".

After releasing the brakes and shifting to the control of the steering wheel only, it is time to return the steering wheel, but when it is time to return this steering wheel, "start stepping on the accelerator and move the load backwards". 

Again, move it with the image of drawing a circle.
The movement of the load is an image of drawing a circle, "from the brake to the steering wheel" and " from the steering wheel to the accelerator" to operate.
"From the accelerator to the brake" "From the brake to the accelerator".
Moving linearly, but when performing these operations "Don't tighten your grip on the steering wheel".
If the load transfer when bending is smooth and in the same way as the image of drawing a circle, the ride quality will be significantly improved and the tire life will be extended.
If you can master and apply these load transfers, you will see a new way of

That's all for today.
See you in next blog!

~AdPower engineer staff~

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