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3 easy steps

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For cars

 1.Open the hood 

  1. Pull the hood opener near the bottom right of the driver's seat.

    hood opner

  2. Make sure there is a gap in the hood.

    Make sure the gap.

  3. Open the hood further while pulling up the lever near the center of the hood gap.

    hood lever

  4. Keep with the hood stay.

    hood stay

  2. Find the air cleaner   

Find the air cleaner. 
The air cleaner is located near the engine body and is a box with a hose-like air duct.

Air cleaner1

 3.  Paste      

Remove the double-sided tape on the back of AdPower and attach it over the air cleaner box on the side of the air duct connected to the engine. Wipe the installation area clean with a dry cloth before application for better adhesion. 



  • If the top of the air cleaner box is too rough to install, please install it on the side
    ※ The effect will not change. 
  • Please note that once the product has been applied, it is fixed and cannot be reapplied.


If more than two pieces are required, please install them in separate locations.


For Motorcycles

  1. Finde the air cleaner   

It is near the engine body. Please check the instruction manual of the motorcycle.

position of air cleaner


  2. Open the air cleaner   

Remove the fastener that secures the lid with a screwdriver, etc., and open the air cleaner.

Open the bike air cleaner 

   3. Just stick it!  

Peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the AdPower and attach it inside the air cleaner box, on the outside of the air filter (before it passes by). 

*We recommend the space on the upper side, where there is less risk of dirt from blow-by gas, etc.


Installation Gallery



We previously recommended installing it on the inside of the air cleaner, but as a result of research carried out at Tokai University's Faculty of Engineering, we now know that installing it on the outside of the air cleaner box has the same effect as installing it on the inside.
Currently, for simplicity of installation, we recommend the installation on the outside of the air cleaner for standard cars. It is not necessary to change to the outside if it is already attached to the inside.


Installation Q&A

Here you will find the questions and answers we have received from our customers. Please refer to them when installing the product.

Q: Is there any difference in the effect of applying it inside or outside the air cleaner box?
A: No, it doesn't. The effect is the same. We recommend installing AdPOWER on the outside of the air cleaner box for easier installation.

Q: When installing two pieces, is it better to put them together centrally or at a distance diagonally ( facing each other)?
A: It is better to place them at some distance from each other rather than concentrating them.

Q: For Nissan NV350 caravan, where should I install it? Should I attach it on the cover of the air cleaner or on the body side after removing the air cleaner?
A: We've added the arrows. Please wipe the inside surface clean before installation. For reference, please also see the example of installation on a truck.

QA installation1QA installation2


Q: Is it more effective to install more than one product per vehicle?
A: The accelerator response feels better. Depending on the condition of the engine, a further improvement in engine performance may be possible.

Q: Is it possible for the product to peel off and get sucked in when attached to the inside of the air cleaner?
A: There is no such problem. The product is less than 1 mm thick when installed. The high adhesive double-sided tape adheres to the entire surface of the constituent material, making it extremely difficult for this to happen and we have no experience of this happening. 

Q: I currently attach it on the inside, should I change it to the outside?
A: The effect is the same, so you do not need to change.

Q: Can I install it on the outside for motorcycle too?
A: If the air cleaner box is outside, as in scooters, it must be installed inside the air cleaner box.

Q: If the outside is too rough and there is no place to stick it, can I stick it on the inside?
A: Yes, please open the air cleaner box and stick it on the inside.

Q: Does it work if I attach it on the air duct?
A: Yes, it does. For safety reasons, it is recommended to install on the outside of the air cleaner box, but it can also be installed on the air ducts if the location and material* are suitable.
*If the air duct is serpentine, has uneven surfaces or is made of rubber.


Questions about installation

If you have any questions about the installation, please contact us using the contact form.