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Adpower_What you can do to reduce exhaust gas.

Adpower_What you can do to reduce exhaust gas.

People often ask, "Why did you develop AdPower?"

It may sound a little exaggerated, but I will answer like this.

“Global warming is the price of modern capitalism.

This is to contribute to global warming STOP by reducing exhaust gas by applying ad power to about 1.5 billion vehicles (total of four-wheeled vehicles and two-wheeled vehicles) that are running every day in the world. ”


AdPower suppresses static electricity in the intake air of the engine, improves engine combustion, and reduces exhaust gas.

Exhaust gas is reduced by about 20 to 50% just by sticking a sticker.

Imagine if exhaust gas is reduced by this amount in a country with severe air pollution.


Ulaanbaatar Municipal Bus Company, Mongolia (October-November 2019)        

Black smoke / PM2.5 has been reduced by 46.5%.

Our dream is to "stop air pollution in the world with the ad power of Made in Japan".

For more than 1.5 billion vehicles in the world, it must be easy and inexpensive to implement exhaust gas countermeasures for each vehicle immediately.

With the AdPower of cheap stickers, We can clear that condition.



It's easy because it can be installed by DIY.

Moreover, because of its low price, it is a realistic measure to reduce exhaust gas. Moreover, the engine is also powered up, so you can enjoy a comfortable drive.