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3 easy steps

It seems difficult for non-professionals to install it around the engine. No, it's actually very easy! It only takes 5-10 minutes! Now let's take a closer look at how to do it.

For cars

 1.Open the hood  

  1. Pull the hood opener near the bottom right of the driver's seat.

    hood opner

  2. Make sure there is a gap in the hood.

    Make sure the gap.

  3. Open the hood further while pulling up the lever near the center of the hood gap.

    hood lever

  4. Keep with the hood stay.

    hood stay

  2. Open the air cleaner   

  1. Find an air cleaner(Air filter cavity).

    positon of air cleaner

  2. Remove the clips or screws at the four corners.

    four clips

    4 screws


 3.  Paste      

Remove the double-sided tape on the back of AdPower and attach it near the air intake.

Just stick it!



For Motorcycles


  1.Find the air cleaner(Air filter cavity) 

It is near the engine body. Please check the instruction manual of the motorcycle.

position of air cleaner



  2. Open the air cleaner(Air filter cavity)   

Remove the fastener that secures the lid with a screwdriver, etc., and open the air cleaner.

 Open the bike air cleaner


   3. Just stick it!  

Peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the Adpower main unit and attach it near the air intake.

Stick it around an air inlet


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