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Tires are an important part for our life



Last time, I talked a lot about "engine break-in" to make your car your
This time, I would like to talk about "tire break-in".
table of contents.

1. Review from tire knowledge

First, let me talk about tire knowledge.
As a general premise, it is impossible to use used tires. The date of
manufacture and factory can be identified by the symbol printed on
the tire, but the tire begins to deteriorate from the day it is
manufactured. Rubber, which is the main raw material, is vulnerable
to ultraviolet rays, and just as old rubber bands click and cut, tires
also become stiff, reducing grip and cracking. As an example, French
tire manufacturer Michelin collects high-grip tires for unused
motorcycles from the warehouse for a certain period of time from the
date of manufacture. "Because the performance drops and it is
In addition, tires that are assembled on wheels are burned by the heat
of running, and the ears of the tires that come into contact with the
wheels stick to the wheels and become hard, preventing air leakage.
So you can't trust a used tire that you removed from the wheel.
Even if it is an unused tire, tires that have deteriorated due to rain or
sunlight at the store have reduced ride comfort and grip.
When buying a new tire, it is best to buy a new tire that has been in
the early days and has been managed in a warehouse. In addition,
the best tire brand is the one specified as genuine or the one of the
upper model of the same series, but there are requests such as "I am
worried about tire noise", "I want to emphasize wet performance", "I
want to emphasize dry performance" etc. For example, consult a tire
advisor to decide.
By the way, I am also a tire advisor.
For normal use, the normal tire is the best, but if you have dressed up
or customized and changed the suspension, please decide according
to your preference. If you change the size of your tires or wheels, you
will need to consult your store's tire advisor to change the alignment
and air pressure. It is difficult to balance the appearance and drive
comfortable, so please consult with your wallet and a specialist to
determine the ideal you are looking for.
The price of the tires you worry about varies depending on the size of
the vehicle and the size of the tires, but in the case of the Prius (195 /
65R) it is about 6,000 yen per tire, and if it is high, it will exceed
20,000 yen per tire.
Tire life is 30,000 to 50,000 km or 3 to 5 years for summer tires. If the
tire groove is 1.6 mm or less, it violates the Road Traffic Act, and the
passing line of the vehicle inspection is also 1.6 mm.

2. About break-in of tires

So much for the long introduction, let's talk about the main theme,
"tire break-in."
After replacing the tire with a new one, the tire is conditioned, but
when the new tire is assembled on the wheel and inflated to increase
the pressure inside the tire, the tire swells. In addition, the weight of
the car causes it to bend.
By running for a certain period of time in this state, the tires and
wheels will stick together due to the heat of running, air leakage will
disappear, and the entire tire will be burnt.
Depending on the driving conditions at this time, the quality of break-
in will change. It is a good condition when driving on a highway that
can run at the same speed with less unevenness on the road and no
start and stop. This is because once you start driving, you will not
stop, you will be able to keep a constant number of revolutions, and
the heat will be evenly applied.
After driving about 50km, I think the tires and wheels are getting hot
After driving, if the tires and wheels cool to almost room temperature,
the break-in is finished and the tires will harden in a shape that
matches the wheel size.
Tire break-in is to be in close contact with the wheel and to have a
shape that matches the weight and size of the vehicle.
So I can't trust used tires.

many tires

After that, if you rotate the tires at regular intervals, it will be longer
life. If the tires are worn out or unevenly worn, they are out of
alignment and should be adjusted. Also, it is not recommended to
remove it from the foil and rearrange the front and back of the tire.
By the way, the air pressure of my car is 10% higher than the
specified air pressure because it is mainly used on general roads, but
it is 20% higher on expressways in the summer.
It is best to replace a flat tire with a new one, but due to wallet
circumstances, we may repair and use it. Since the fiber belt of the
structure inside the tire is broken, please use it as a rear tire or drive
comfortably and quietly.
If it is a motorcycle, it will be replaced immediately.

3. Will new tires slip? Noisy?

It is often said that "new tires slip" and "noisy", but they slip because
they are before the tires are conditioned and peeled off. Since it is
molded with a metal mold in the manufacturing process, the surface
is slippery. Furthermore, the sound changes when the tread pattern
(jagged tires) changes.

4. Summary

It is said that "tires carry our life", and I think that's right.
Warming up and maintenance are very important because it is a car
that saves lives.
Next time, I will talk about "puncture prevention driving method"!

>>Word explanation
Parts between the tires and the car body that cushion the impact from
the road surface and improve the driving comfortable.
Also known as "wheel alignment". Subtle tire-to-car angle distortion
caused by driving. By adjusting the deviation, the tires will wear out
evenly and will be longer life.

The secret story of the birth of "AdPower" ~ I want to talk about the reason why the patented product was created and my passion!

The secret story of the birth of "AdPower" ~ I want to talk about the reason why the patented product was created and my passion!

many bikes in developing countries

1. It started 13 years ago 

We established the "Tomizawa Fund" in 2007 and started a business.

However, the year after the establishment, the financial crisis provided an opportunity to transform the business, and I was thinking about how to restart it.

At that time, I visited Asian countries for the first time in a long time since I was a student.
A large number of cars and motorcycles ran around the city, and when I saw the stagnant sky, I was shocked by the transformation.

It definitely causes health problems such as asthma in children, and I thought, "If nothing is done, there will be not only the city but aloso the global environment will only deteriorate ".


Governments and automakers in each country are working to reduce emissions by developing new cars, but they have not taken effective solutions against sold cars that run every day.

Furthermore, in developing countries, the quality of gasoline is poor and it is difficult to buy expensive genuine parts, so maintenance will be performed with inexpensive parts. Then the engine combustion gets worse and the exhaust gas just increases.


2. Finally to the development of "AdPower"

Therefore, I started research and development with the thought, "Is there a breakthrough solution to reduce exhaust gas for automobiles around the world?"

My inexperienced in the automobile industry, on the other hnad, made it possible to think from various perspectives without being bound by preconceived ideas.

This is because, until now, in order to reduce exhaust gas, it was common knowledge to collect exhaust gas after combustion in the engine combustion chamber with a DPF (diesel particulate filter). However, the high cost of the equipment and the need for work at automobile repair garage to install it have been major obstacles to its widespread use, especially in developing countries.

Therefore, I changed my mind and thought that it might be possible to promote combustion and reduce the amount of exhaust gas emitted, and started research on after-parts that improve engine combustion.

Until we achieved at the basic technology of AdPower, we investigated the advantages of various raw materials, and it was a "continuous trial and error" such as how to install and the shape of the product.

For example, the fiberglass used in the third layer is made using other materials, and a running test, engine output test, exhaust gas check ... This process is repeated every time the raw material or composition is changed.

Power check image

These days have been going on for over a year.


3. Gradually recognize "AdPower"

Since then, as a result of steadily accumulating the "AdPower movement", it has gradually come to be recognized.

Finally, two years later, in 2017, I got the long-sought patent ↓ ↓ ↓


Furthermore, we were adopted the 2017 manufacturing subsidy, it was selected as one of the 10 achievement casebooks ↓ ↓ ↓

Published in CarGoodsMagazine


4. AdPower breaks common sense

Of course, obtaining a patent is not our goal. To reduce emissions around the world, we must take steps for each and every car in the world that is already running. And now the world is clearly experiencing air pollution and global warming, and there is no waiting.

With AdPower, the installation is very easy and low cost. I am convinced that this small seal-laminate is a reasonable way to recover engine performance, reduce emissions by 20-50% and prevent global warming.

The current goal is "to reduce the world's exhaust gas and contribute to the long life of my car." Tomizawa & Co., Ltd. will continue its efforts to make it happen.

Please look forward to the big innovation of cars created by Tomizawa & Co., Ltd.



Company Profile

Company name: Tomizawa & Co., Ltd.

Established: September 5, 2007

Capital: 20 million yen

Address: 216 Nibancho Heim, 1 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Managing Director: Toru Tomizawa

Contract research: Ochiai Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University

Rejuvenate the car engine just by sticking it! Pay attention to the patented "AdPower"

Rejuvenate the car engine just by sticking it! Pay attention to the patented "AdPower"


Nice to meet you!
"Tomizawa & Co., Ltd." starts Blog.
In our first Blog, we would like to introduce our patented
product "AdPower". (Patent No. 6176759)

1. What is "AdPower"?

The patented product "AdPower" that we are proud of, is like a "car supplement".
It mainly has the following three effects and features.
  1. Simply attach the sticker-shaped product to the engine air cleaner to revover engine performance!
  2.  AdPower suppresses static electricity in the intake air of the engine, which has a positive effect on exhaust gas reduction, power response improvement, and fuel efficiency.
  3. Can be used for 2 years at a low price. Exported to more than 30 countries, total 350,000 units.
AdPower size
As shown in the photo, it is a small sticker, and you can keep driving your car for a long time just by sticking it on the air cleaner of the engine, and you can become an eco-friendly car!

2. About the mechanism of AdPower

At first, you may think, "Does the engine really improve just by sticking such a small sticker?"
Here, I will briefly explain how AdPower works.
Illustration of the effect
AdPower has a three-layer structure, consisting of a first layer using a special pigment, a second layer made of a special alloy, and a third layer of a thin, high-performance fiberglass.
three layers
This three-layer structure suppresses static electricity in the intake air of the engine and improves combustion, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust gas.
Especially, it is very effective for second hands cars with
reduced engine performance!


Product comparison

All 5 types of AdPower
AdPower is prepared for gasoline cars, diesel cars, and motorcycles, and there are five types in total. Please refer to the above table for prices and specifications.
Fortunately, many customers have satisfactions that the accelerator feels better from the moment the AdPower is installed!
You are reading this article, please experience the "power of cars climbing uphill", where the usual uphill slopes go swiftly after installing AdPower.

3. How to install it?

It's very easy to install and can be done in a couple of minutes!
After opening the hood, just open the air cleaner box next to the engine and stick it inside.
Even those who have never opened the hood can install it immediately!
The service life is 2 years.
Please refer to the video and attach it at home.



4. Challenge!

The AdPower movement, which started with one person at first, also obtained a patent, and the number of users and business partners gradually increased, and sales at
AUTOBACS began in September 2019. In order to visualize the effects of the products and further expand the effects,
we started joint research at the Ochiai Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University from November 2019, and
AdPower will continue to grow without stopping. 
Please look forward to the future activities of AdPower and the useful information on our cars that will be posted on our blog.