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Rejuvenate the car engine just by sticking it! Pay attention to the patented "AdPower"

Rejuvenate the car engine just by sticking it! Pay attention to the patented "AdPower"


Nice to meet you!
"Tomizawa & Co., Ltd." starts Blog.
In our first Blog, we would like to introduce our patented
product "AdPower". (Patent No. 6176759)

1. What is "AdPower"?

The patented product "AdPower" that we are proud of, is like a "car supplement".
It mainly has the following three effects and features.
  1. Simply attach the sticker-shaped product to the engine air cleaner to revover engine performance!
  2.  AdPower suppresses static electricity in the intake air of the engine, which has a positive effect on exhaust gas reduction, power response improvement, and fuel efficiency.
  3. Can be used for 2 years at a low price. Exported to more than 30 countries, total 350,000 units.
AdPower size
As shown in the photo, it is a small sticker, and you can keep driving your car for a long time just by sticking it on the air cleaner of the engine, and you can become an eco-friendly car!

2. About the mechanism of AdPower

At first, you may think, "Does the engine really improve just by sticking such a small sticker?"
Here, I will briefly explain how AdPower works.
Illustration of the effect
AdPower has a three-layer structure, consisting of a first layer using a special pigment, a second layer made of a special alloy, and a third layer of a thin, high-performance fiberglass.
three layers
This three-layer structure suppresses static electricity in the intake air of the engine and improves combustion, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced exhaust gas.
Especially, it is very effective for second hands cars with
reduced engine performance!


Product comparison

All 5 types of AdPower
AdPower is prepared for gasoline cars, diesel cars, and motorcycles, and there are five types in total. Please refer to the above table for prices and specifications.
Fortunately, many customers have satisfactions that the accelerator feels better from the moment the AdPower is installed!
You are reading this article, please experience the "power of cars climbing uphill", where the usual uphill slopes go swiftly after installing AdPower.

3. How to install it?

It's very easy to install and can be done in a couple of minutes!
After opening the hood, just open the air cleaner box next to the engine and stick it inside.
Even those who have never opened the hood can install it immediately!
The service life is 2 years.
Please refer to the video and attach it at home.



4. Challenge!

The AdPower movement, which started with one person at first, also obtained a patent, and the number of users and business partners gradually increased, and sales at
AUTOBACS began in September 2019. In order to visualize the effects of the products and further expand the effects,
we started joint research at the Ochiai Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokai University from November 2019, and
AdPower will continue to grow without stopping. 
Please look forward to the future activities of AdPower and the useful information on our cars that will be posted on our blog.