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Factors for improving fuel efficiency!

Factors for improving fuel efficiency!

How are you all doing?

Recently, the price of gasoline has risen, and we don't want to waste any money.

This blog, I would like to talk about the factors that improve fuel efficiency.


There are two main factors in improving the fuel efficiency of motorcycles and automobiles. It is how to maintain the vehicle on the hard side and how to drive on the soft side.


Maintenance is to keep good conditions the engine and tire and suspension of motorcycles and automobiles in good condition.

Especially if the engine is not in perfect condition, fuel efficiency will be considerably worse. It's easy to leave it alone until the warning light comes out or until there is an engine trouble. Diligent maintenance is important.


As for how to drive in terms of software, as I introduced before our blog, "self-help eco mode".

In the first place, fuel efficiency is the basic performance of the motorcycle and automobile, so if the usage and riding method are the same, it will not change significantly.


Even if the usage and riding method are the same, if the combustion efficiency of the engine is improved, the required power can be obtained with less fuel, and the fuel efficiency will be improved. In addition, if the combustion efficiency is improved, it will lead to get more powerful even with the same amount of fuel and the same number of revolutions.


Motorcycle makers and automobile makers are doing various researches such as how to mix fuel and air and the timing of combustion in order to improve combustion efficiency.


It's always good if the vehicle is in a new condition, but as the years go by, we use my car every day and various deteriorations progress. I think everyone is doing regular oil changes, air filter and battery changes, and so on. Under such circumstances, "AdPower" was created by researching and developing the effects of static electricity generated on the engine on engine combustion. Fuel and air are required for engine combustion, but "AdPower" suppresses static electricity in the air cleaner, improves the air flow to a better state, and improves engine combustion.

The effects obtained by improving combustion efficiency include more power, fuel efficiency improvement, exhaust gas reduction, and reduction of carbon adhesion inside the engine.

Good fuel economy has a positive effect in many places.

See you next time.

~ADPOWER Engineer Staff~


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