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Before Summer!

Before Summer!

How is your car doing?

It's easy to get sick when the seasons change, so please take care of your health.
Yes, let's take care of our cars and motorcycles too.
With the weather getting warmer, is your radiator fan spinning a lot?

Even if the coolant is changed at the time of vehicle inspection, if the radiator core* is covered with debris or dead insects, the air cannot escape through the gaps in the radiator core and overheating may occur.

* This is the radiator core.

radiator core

If you feel that your fan is spinning a lot recently, there is no doubt.
The cooling effect is reduced. You had better wash the radiator core with a high pressure washer or a soft brush.

If you think, " I don't care yet," it may be too late.
The signs of overheating are hard to see during the rainy season because it is wet with rain, so overheating may occur in mid-summer after the rainy season.

Especially for motorcycles, the radiator is located right behind the front wheel, so sand particles bouncing up from the front wheel can also get caught in the radiator.

It's time to start taking precautions against the heat!

~AdPower engineer staff~

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